a software company on a mission to produce the best mobile platform in the world,
one that makes it fast, easy and fun to build, test, and monitor mobile apps.

Our logo

Here's our beloved logo and Xamagon, provided in various formats for your design needs.
Please display our logo as is, without any modifications.

Please use our logo:

  • In your blog posts or news articles about Xamarin
  • To link to xamarin.com
  • To signify an official partnership with Xamarin

Please don't use the Xamagon or our logos as an icon or account avatar for your company, product, blog, social media account, or app.

Spacing considerations

Leave a healthy margin around our logo so it has room to breathe. Also, please don't combine our logo with other graphics.

Our products

Here are Xamarin’s official product logos. Please refer
to them as written. For example, write “Xamarin Test Cloud”,
not “TestCloud” or “Xamarin Testcloud”.

Download product logos

Brand colors

These are the main colors we use at Xamarin, with blue being our signature shade. The others should be used sparingly as accents.


Download color swatches

Using our name

Don’t begin your company’s name or registered web domain, product, blog, social media account, or app with “Xamarin” or a Xamarin product name.

For example, please don’t name your product “Xamarin Widget.” Instead, if you have created a product that can be used with the Xamarin Platform, you would call it “Widget for Xamarin.” This implies your product should be used in conjunction with Xamarin, but was not created by Xamarin.

“About Xamarin” description

Use this description when you need copy to explain what Xamarin is in printable documents such as PDFs, white papers, guides, and presentations.

Xamarin is the standard for enterprise mobile development. No other platform enables businesses to reach all major devices for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows with 100 percent fully native apps from a single codebase. With Xamarin, businesses standardize mobile app development in C#, share an average 75% of source code across platforms, and take advantage of their existing skills, teams, tools and code to rapidly deliver great apps with broad reach. Xamarin is used by more than 100 Fortune 500 companies in 120 countries, and has over one million unique developer downloads. For more information, please visit xamarin.com, read our blog, and follow us on Twitter at @xamarinhq.

Using our resources

We would love for you to share Xamarin resources, white papers, and webinar recordings via your social media channels, website, and other materials. However, we request that you link back to the original Xamarin source rather than hosting them on your own landing page or site.

We love co-branding, and you can check out our “Guidelines for Customers” for sample slides in our template, approved icons and photos, and general stylistic cues.

Legal details

These assets are important to us and are protected by law. Please follow our guidelines and use them tastefully. We’re happy to review your materials to make sure you’re using these resources in accordance with our guidelines.


  • Don’t reuse or replicate any Xamarin-created images or resources on your own site, materials, or promotions.
  • Don’t use these assets in a way that implies Xamarin’s affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement of your product, service, or business without our consent.
  • Don’t reuse or slightly adjust our motto, taglines, or phrasing and represent them as your own. For example, “We knew there had to be a better way to build, test, and monitor apps” is not copyrighted, but is clearly displayed as a tagline on our site and should not be used on your site in this format. To incorporate it into your own site, you might say, “Xamarin knew there had to be a better way to build, test, and monitor apps.”
  • Don’t include our customer logos in any of your materials unless it is a joint customer and you have received pre-approval.
  • Don’t alter our approved assets in any way. We like them the way they are!


Drop us a line at brand@xamarin.com.