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Stara App
Stara App

Stara improves global food supply with smart machines

Stara - a leading South American farm equipment manufacturer - uses mobile and IoT to turn its farm equipment into intelligent machines. When it was time to upgrade their existing devices and operating systems, the team selected Xamarin to get the precision, performance, and quality critical to their success. Today, dashboard-mounted Android tablets and Xamarin apps control farm machines, capture crop details, optimize fertilization levels, track harvest statistics, and more.

  • Used in-house .NET skills to port legacy app to Android in just 3 months
  • Reused 95% of code, eliminating the need to rewrite and revalidate complex machine control library
  • Turns data into actionable insights, helping farmers get higher quality crops and greater yield
  • Automates nuanced farm activities, reducing farmers' costs by 30% and increasing worker safety
Nuvem App

Nuvem Tecnologia makes big data possible for rural farmers everywhere.

Nuvem Tecnologia's AgroSIG modernizes complex agricultural processes for farmers throughout Brazil, centralizing farm data and eliminating inaccurate paper reporting. Using Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin and Microsoft Azure, their tablet-based apps integrate with farm ERP and have an easy-to-use UI that allows any farm worker to be productive immediately. From identifying pest problems with GPS and device photo capture to analyzing historical data, Nuvem equips farmers with the real-time information they need to make decisions.

  • Reusing C# code frees team to focus on designing for farm use, including large buttons and optimizing for heavy sunlight
  • Taps into native and mobile-unique capabilities, like on/offline data sync, geofencing, and Bluetooth, to collect climatic data from weather stations and track worker actions
  • Monitors 1700+ sq km of farmland simultaneously, making data instantly available to farm owners
  • Uses post-release reporting and analytics to quickly fix production issues
Nuvem app
Nuvem video

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