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Aviva App

Taxfyle disrupts the traditional tax industry with personal and business filing apps

Taxfyle is the "Uber of taxes," simplifying tax filing with an intuitive, conversational on–demand mobile experience. Users answer a few simple questions, get matched with a CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent within 90 seconds, and securely chat, upload files, and sign documents — entirely from their phone. Mobile quality is critical, and automated app testing and crash reporting help the Taxfyle team deliver an amazing experience to all users, on any device.

  • Migrated from JavaScript to .NET for increased stability and performance
  • Rebuilt apps with Xamarin in just five months, sharing 70% code across platforms
  • Automates testing to catch nuanced bugs, before they get into users' hands
  • Integrates crash reporting into development pipeline, generating alerts for new issues
  • Avg. 4.5+ star public app store ratings
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Taxfyle App

“Reputation is everything, and we need to establish trust, especially since we’re dealing with sensitive information. Xamarin (and C#) are rock solid, and the best mobile development option available for delivering mission–critical apps.”

Will Sahatdjian, co-founder and CTO, Taxfyle
Acorn App
Acorn App

Acorns, one of the fastest-growing micro-investing apps, makes gathering and growing funds easier than ever before.

Acorns democratizes financial services, helping people navigate complex decisions and build financial health with innovative technology. Its Invest the Change® feature rounds up users’ daily purchases to the nearest dollar, automatically investing into one of five low-cost, diversified portfolios created with the help of a Nobel Laureate economist.

  • Won Best Mobile App, Fast Co Innovation 2015
  • Targets (and wins) millennials’ loyalty with intuitive apps
  • Automatically syncs credit card and purchase data to make investing frictionless
  • Guarantees high performance and beautiful UX
Aviva App

Aviva keeps its 30 million customers safe with innovative insurance apps

Aviva, an international insurance firm operating in 15+countries, invested in app development with Xamarin to better serve its customers. In addition to the MyAviva customer policy information App, Aviva Drive uses device GPS data to gauge acceleration, braking, and cornering - offering discounts to safe drivers. Aviva’s “Safe Driving app” promotional TV campaign resulted in 50,000 Aviva Drive downloads just one week after airing.

  • Migrated Android and iOS apps to C#, standardizing on Xamarin for future apps
  • Offers car insurance discounts after monitoring customer driving for 200 miles
  • Gamifies safe driving, making it fun for users to stay accident-free
  • Explore Aviva’s Drive Campaigns
Avivahj App

Xactware brings the first complete mobile estimating app to market.

Xactware processes 80% of U.S. home property claims, worth over $340 billion per year. Using Xamarin, Xactware mobilized existing C# code to build Xactimate Mobile for iOS and Android. Claims adjusters receive assignments, build 3D models, estimate costs, settle onsite, and instantly upload all materials for processing.

  • Xactimate performs over 46 million estimates per year
  • Xactware brought 10 million lines of existing code to mobile
  • According to the team, it would have been “financially crushing” to build apps any other way
Crédito Agrícola app

Major bank takes its enterprise banking app cross-platform in three months.

Crédito Agrícola, one of the largest banks in Portugal with 1.2 million customers, turned to Xamarin to create a native enterprise banking app after costly attempts in platform-specific languages. Now Crédito Agrícola provides better service for its most important customers through secure mobile payment authorizations and expense approvals.

  • A cross-platform proof-of-concept was built in just under two weeks
  • Production app development took just three months with 75% shared code
  • Expanded the number of devices tested by 5x, with results in minutes
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“The user experience is very important to us. One of our requirements was that the app for each platform offered the usability that the users expect. There can be no compromises and, with Xamarin, that’s what we have achieved.”

Jorge Correia, Applications Development Director at Crédito Agrícola

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