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Iowa Primary App

Iowa Democratic and Republican Caucuses build confidence in election results with mobile voting.

The Iowa Caucus kicks off US Presidential nominations, with early poll results playing a huge role in both the Republican and Democratic Parties’ selection process. With over 1,700 precincts and complex Caucus voting rules, accurate results reporting is critical. For the 2016 electoral cycle, the Parties partnered with Microsoft and Interknowlogy to create Xamarin-based voting apps to replace an antiquated phone and paper system.

  • Built 12 app versions in less than seven months covering three platforms, two form factors, and two Parties
  • Ensured security with two-factor authentication
  • Integrated with Azure and multiple other systems for real-time reporting and accuracy
  • Securely and accurately captured 90% of caucus results within three hours
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Los Angeles Dept of Building and Safety streamlines building inspections, keeping citizens safe.

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety performs over 3,000 building inspections each day to ensure LA’s four million residents and visitors' safety. To make it easier for customers to comply with safety regulations, LADBS mobilized its inspection and permit request process. Citizens love it, giving LADBS Go 4.5+ stars.

  • Used Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin, automated testing services, and Xamarin University training to deliver apps in only seven months
  • Reused 90% of code across iOS and Android platforms
  • Uses geolocation to find nearby office wait times
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“I want to be challenged as a developer. I want to be proud of my work and this app is something I’m happy to have on my resume.”

Shannon Haas, Senior Systems Analyst, Technology Services Bureau, LADBS

Customs inspectors process goods coming in and out of Europe much faster.

The 4,500 employees at the Dutch Tax Office are responsible for customs inspections on millions of tons of goods entering and leaving the Netherlands each year. Secure, native Xamarin apps dramatically reduced paper-based manual processes so inspectors can process goods much faster, saving both time and money.

  • Because of its success, the Mobile Competency Centre now builds apps for other governments
  • The Centre has built more than 25 apps with Xamarin
  • The team has adopted a completely Agile workflow to iterate quickly
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“Security, of course, is very important to us. All the data we have at the Dutch Tax Office has to be safe. That’s one of the reasons we decided to develop native with Xamarin.”

Toine Veenhuis, Manager at Mobile Competence Centre, Dutch Tax Office

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