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Healthcare professionals and researchers advance
testing and patient care with Xamarin.

ProMedica app

ProMedica Laboratories digitizes analog processes with scalable and sustainable mobile apps

ProMedica Laboratories is a highly automated and complex operation with 17,000 team members serving over 4.7 million patients. Each day, lab technicians analyze thousands of biological samples, requiring that testing instruments be regularly calibrated to meet regulatory requirements. To replace a mostly paper-based equipment maintenance and documentation system, ProMedica partnered with Kaonsoft (Xamarin Premier Partner) to deliver the "Laboratory Assured Compliance Solutions (“LACS”). LACS™ is a multi-platform tablet app that allows lab techs to optimize routine inspections, stay compliant, verify maximum equipment quality, and maintain patient test integrity.

  • Reused 85-90% code across Android, iOS, and UWP
  • Delivered secure, intuitive apps to users in just five months
  • Streamlines development, releasing updates every two weeks
  • Uses Azure cloud services to eliminate documentation storage and send notifications for timely task completion
  • Jointly established Kapios Health to provide mobile and cloud solutions to other healthcare providers

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ProMedica app
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McKesson mobilizes medical staff to provide better patient care.

McKesson is the world’s largest healthcare company, with over 140 billion dollars in revenue. Mobility powers its practice management technology, with patients completing intake forms on a tablet for faster, more accurate data entry and shorter wait times. Healthcare providers view patient information, add new patients, and confirm billing updates immediately, instead of requiring desktop data entry.

  • Increases productivity and time spent with patients
  • Streamlines billing and scheduling for global customers
  • Used in house .NET and C# skills to ship iOS and Android apps in just five months

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“We didn’t have to learn Java, how iOS startups happen, all the technical details of each platform. Our team doesn’t specialize in mobile development, and Xamarin made it possible for us to create a high-quality experience for physicians across both platforms.”

Alan Zeh, Director of Engineering, McKesson

Thermo Fisher Scientific creates a competitive advantage in Life Sciences with IoT.

Genetic scientists use machines to make billions of copies of DNA over the course of several hours. With the PCR Essentials app, progress can be monitored from anywhere, requiring fewer manual machine checks. With limited ways to update the actual machines, Thermo Fisher turned to mobile for a competitive advantage.

  • App is part of a bigger vision to empower research and results on mobile
  • 75% less development time vs using the platform-specific languages
  • App earned a Davey Awards Gold Award and a W3 Award from IAVA
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“We went mobile with Xamarin to differentiate ourselves—this is definitely a strategic advantage for us. Our competitors, and the life science industry in general, are slow to adopt new mobile technology, so this is a big advantage for us moving forward.”

Jonathan Young, Mobile Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Novarum diagnoses deadly diseases and contaminants in seconds

Novarum DX creates diagnostic tests to detect disease or contaminated natural resources across the globe. Its Android, iOS, and Windows Xamarin apps help field workers transform smartphone cameras into medical devices, allowing non-medical staff to test for various diseases and hazards, including HIV/AIDS, infected water supply, and Ebola in West Africa.

  • Reduced development time from two years to six weeks
  • Relies on native device capabilities and high fidelity image processing to accurately capture results
  • Eliminated need to mail results to labs or wait for new supplies
  • Approximately 80% code reuse across platforms
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Watch Novarum's story Novarum video

“In write-once-run-anywhere solutions, you don’t get powerful enough access to the device hardware, nor do you get native performance. We’re doing computationally expensive image processing, so we need the native performance Xamarin provides.”

Neil Polwart, Managing Director, Novarum DX

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