Xamarin + Manufacturing + Agriculture

Manufacturers choose Xamarin to turn smart devices
into powerful, industrial-strength tools.

Farmers and suppliers safeguard sustainability and prepare for the future with powerful apps.

Mobilizing the selling process with Xamarin drives millions in extra revenue for Kimberly-Clark.

Kimberly-Clark’s Global Scientific Division uses the Apex iPad app to streamline the selling process for clean room environments. The app, built by Xamarin Premier consulting partner BlueTube, is drastically reducing the sales cycle after their first attempt with an HTML5-based app wasn’t adopted by sales representatives.

  • Reused the majority of their existing C# code and existing web services
  • App integrates with Salesforce and Sitecore
  • Kimberly-Clark has seen a significant increase in revenue
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“With Xamarin, we’re able to take the selling process directly to the team on the customer side at scale across my organization on a global basis. Getting that level of collaboration is a phenomenal lever for our entire business.”

Randy Kates, General Manager, Global Scientific Business at Kimberly-Clark

National Instruments uses LabVIEW to turn tablets into powerful engineering tools.

LabVIEW is the industry standard in design software for engineers and scientists creating and deploying measurement and control systems. The app helps engineers remotely control and monitor running LabVIEW applications. Users can create dashboards to display the values of network-published shared variables and deployed LabVIEW Web services on indicators.

  • The company has been creating, deploying, and testing the Internet of Things for decades
  • Mobilizing machine monitoring means less downtime as failures are predicted and fixed faster
  • Xamarin turned their teams into mobile developers in just weeks

Xamarin and APX open new
ways to work hands-free.

Field service is a fast-growing mobile use case, but it’s impractical and unsafe for professionals such as wind turbine engineers to hold mobile devices while suspended in the air. With smartglass clients built using Xamarin, APX is revolutionizing the day-to-day tasks for “deskless workers” with real-time information in their field of view.

  • Hands-free workers control the app with speech and a sophisticated head gesture language
  • App records work with video and photos, and shows alerts generated from other systems
  • APX Labs can expand to new devices and form factors quickly
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Siemens helps bring ideas to life with mobile sketchpads

Siemens’ desktop software allows designers and engineers to create complex models and product sketches, but the Siemens team knew that to stay competitive, it needed to allow customers to work from anywhere, on any mobile device. Using Siemens’ sophisticated software as a foundation, the Catchbook app is an easy-to-use, accurate mobile sketchpad. Customers simply use a stylus or finger gestures to access plans, make sketches, and see updates immediately.

  • Shared 75% User Interface code across Android, iOS, and Windows apps
  • Allows Siemens to appeal to new and growing consumer markets, from contractors to hobbyists
  • Porting C++ desktop app code saved time and created better user experience
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