Xamarin + Social Good

Non-profits and charitable organizations use Xamarin
to make the world a better place.

The World Bank relies on
Xamarin to conduct surveys at a global scale.

The World Bank uses survey data from the world’s poorest regions in its fight for economic equality, and legacy paper and laptop-based methods made surveys difficult and time consuming to execute. With Xamarin and Visual Studio, the World Bank is able to use tablets to collect population survey data from tens of thousands of individuals, while retaining respondent confidentiality.

  • Used in 30+ countries and 50 survey projects
  • Faster, more reliable data collection and analyses means more people are surveyed
  • Supports complex branching logic, automatically customizing questions based on prior answers
  • Respondents can self-type answers, and their honesty is critical for accurate data analysis
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Just Giving App

JustGiving helps 18 million users raise charitable donations for causes everywhere.

JustGiving is the world’s largest social giving organization, helping 18 million users raise more than four billion dollars in charitable donations. JustGiving’s Android and iOS apps make it easy to ensure every great cause gets funded by connecting fundraisers and donors across 164 countries. Fundraisers can create funding pages, share their causes, request donations, and track funds raised, all right in the app.

  • Creates social network of giving, allowing donors to search for friends’ pages or to select from one of thousands of stories
  • Enables donors to donate immediately
  • One developer built Android app in just three months, sharing nearly 70% code between Android and iOS platforms
  • Xamarin-based Android app quickly received most five-star ratings in company’s history
  • Sends push notifications for new donations, keeping fundraisers motivated and excited
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Beyond 12 makes a college education possible for everyone.

Beyond 12 is a non-profit organization that gives students of all backgrounds resources and guidance to achieve college success, with a special focus on low income, first-generation US citizens, and minority individuals. Beyond 12’s MyCoach app helps students navigate through student loan applications, receive deadline reminders, view campus-specific resources, and connect with other students, providing them the support they need to make it to graduation.

  • Partnered with Slalom Consulting to deliver apps catered to digital natives
  • Automates light-touch activities, freeing coaches’ time for personalized guidance
  • Digital coaching reduces costs, allowing Beyond 12 to scale and reach more students
  • Executes 250+ automated test scripts to ensure apps work on any student's device
  • Won 2016 Xammy Award in Social Impact Category
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UMS turns citizens into lifesavers with its mobile apps.

UMS delivers alerting solutions to customers around the world, reaching individuals with life-saving skills with timely messages when it matters most. Its Stockholm-based SMS Lifesaver app uses locational data and push notifications to dispatch trained CPR volunteers to incidents before ambulances or emergency personnel arrive. Over 10,000 Swedish citizens suffer heart attacks each year and fast response time is critical to survival. With Xamarin, UMS increases the likelihood of prompt care and has already saved lives.

  • 30% increase in incident response times
  • 20,000 CPR volunteer app downloads
  • Xamarin.Forms allowed the first-time Xamarin developers to release apps in just six months
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