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Slack App

Slack powers productivity for teams with high quality apps.

Slack's friendly, easy to use messaging platform is the future of work. Given its preeminence in the enterprise and among mobile workforces, mobile is critical to Slack’s success. Over three million daily users rely on Slack to communicate with their teams, and Microsoft automated testing services help Slack make sure customers are productive in all scenarios. Its mobile quality engineers view test reports to see how features look and behave on devices — and can quickly solve customer issues.

  • Releases new features to users at rapid pace, with 23 updates in 2015
  • Triggers fully automated regression tests with each build and code commit
  • Guarantees a delightful user experience with agile DevOps
  • Uses stack traces to identify bug causes and fixes
Slack App
Pinterest App

Pinterest ships apps people love, faster.

Over 80% of Pinterest’s 100+ million monthly users discover and save billions of ideas from their mobile devices. Pinterest prides itself on user experience and putting Pinners first. Pinterest engineers can code in their preferred languages while easily accessing thousands of devices, operating systems, and software versions on the market, giving them the best of both worlds.

  • Ensures images display properly on all devices, including portrait and landscape
  • Rewrote iOS app from the ground-up, using automated testing to guarantee quality before launch
  • Jump-started automated testing and script authoring with Xamarin’s Automator team
  • Tests devices popular in each market to plan for international growth

“Working with Microsoft automated testing gives us the confidence to get to our next 100 million users.”

Lukas Blakk, Mobile Release Manager, Pinterest

Tableau brings data to life with beautiful apps.

Tableau is revolutionizing visual analytics, helping its customers see and understand their data. On-the-go users need immediate access to data from airports, restaurants, or customer sites to make informed decisions. Tableau recently rewrote its legacy Tableau Mobile app with Xamarin, enabling its development team to deliver high fidelity, high quality, and delightful apps that reach more global users and allow customers to maximize their Tableau investments.

  • Migrated existing Android and iOS platform-specific apps to Xamarin, resulting in a higher quality app with near-zero crash rate
  • Secure and frictionless connection with enterprise SSO
  • Fast and fluid user experience makes data the star
  • Customers go from questions to answers in just a few taps
  • Automatic sync displays beautiful dashboard snapshots while offline
Tableau App
Insightly App

Insightly ships lightning-fast mobile apps with Xamarin.

With over one million global users and 200,000 mobile downloads, Insightly CRM helps companies run their businesses better and gives sales teams the up-to-the-minute information needed to close deals. Since its mobile users are three times more likely to continue to use Insightly, delivering amazing app experiences is central to Insightly’s growth strategy. Xamarin allows Insightly to guarantee native performance, tap into native APIs like transitions, and ship updates in 1–2 week sprints.

  • Shares more than 65% code across iOS and Android platforms
  • Includes global fast search, immediately displaying results from over one million data points
  • Enables reps to capture voice notes, scan business cards to update contacts immediately, and close deals on the go
  • Uses Microsoft mobile services to analyze events and user feedback

“Our mobile apps give us the unique ability to reach our customers in new ways, and Xamarin frees us to focus on building better apps, faster. We don’t think about our toolchain, we think about our customers.”

Brock Brinkerhoff, Director Mobile Development, Insightly
Ebay App

eBay Classifieds Denmark gets apps to customers twice as fast with mobile DevOps.

eBay Classifieds Denmark builds four apps (iOS and Android) that power buying and selling for over one million Danish citizens each month. They guarantee high quality user experiences and boast a 99.9% crash-free track record. Uptime and positive user experience are critical to eBay’s business; if its apps fail to load or are buggy, users quickly abandon and eBay loses potential sales. To combat this, QA is interwoven throughout the development processes, from product planning to production releases, and every team member is responsible for ensuring quality.

  • Released twice as many updates with automated testing
  • Fully integrates testing, including 50+ automated UI tests, with CI to ensure quality with each code commit
  • Builds user loyalty with 99.9% crash-free release track record
  • Frees teams to build new features and improve UX
  • Runs smoke tests with every commit and complete test suite nightly, holding developers accountable for quality at all times

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