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Transportation and logistics companies use Xamarin
to move goods and people faster.

Hopper App

Alaska Airlines is mobile-only, cloud-first.

Alaska Airlines is on a mission to be the easiest airline to fly by 2017. Its 80% mobile workforce is central to making this a reality, and Alaska Airlines treats its employees like customers. Xamarin apps allow Alaska’s 15,000 team members to access information from their device of choice, get company news, take advantage of their standby travel benefits, and provide in-app ratings to help the development team make improvements.

  • Roadmap of 30+ employee apps for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Employees are more engaged, productive, and customer-focused
  • “Hopper” internal app mirrors consumer UX, with mobile automatic check in and boarding passes
  • Fully automated DevOps process with Xamarin, Visual Studio, Azure, Visual Studio Team Services, and Microsoft mobile development services
Hopper App
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“With Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin, we deliver value quickly, integrating native experiences like Touch ID and push notifications, and we use Microsoft automated testing service to run our test suite on thousands of devices. We don’t think about the tools anymore, we think about what experience we want to deliver to our users."

Mike Lorengo, Director IT Enterprise Architecture, Alaska Airlines
Dutch Railways
Hopper App

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) guarantees a smooth commute for nine million Dutch citizens.

Dutch Railways’ 7,000 employees serve over 9 million Dutch citizens, including over 1.1 million passengers each day. Priding itself on providing safe, affordable, sustainable door-to-door public transit for all citizens, its employees use mobile apps to focus on customer experience and answer questions, all while making sure 4,800 trains run smoothly.

  • Partnered with Xamarin Elite Consulting Partner Info Support to digitize outdated communication system
  • Allows conductors to answer passengers’ questions immediately and accurately with real-time train information
  • Relies on Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin and Visual Studio App Center to deliver high quality, responsive apps
  • Won 2016 Xammy Award in Enterprise Category
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eGate and JetBlue’s buy-on-board app takes off with Xamarin.

JetBlue turned to eGate Solutions and Xamarin to move to iOS and Android from specialized devices, which weren’t available on all flights and often lost credit card transactions during syncing. JetBlue’s flight attendants use the app to process purchases and track inflight inventory, resulting in smooth transactions and better service.

  • Thanks to the app, JetBlue was the first airline to accept Apple Pay in flight
  • Real-time payment processing with Apple Pay reduces lost and fraudulent transactions
  • Sleek user interface is designed for demanding environments, like turbulence
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“Xamarin stood out among all other choices because it brought this whole mobile world into eGate’s comfort zone.”

Karthik Mani, Team Lead, eGate Solutions

MRW mobilizes over 40 million deliveries per year in over 200 countries.

Mobile apps help MRW get packages to customers as quickly as possible, streamlining the entire package drop-off and delivery workflow. Field staff use apps to track real-time delivery pick up, receive new work orders, and reschedule pickups and deliveries.

  • Extended Windows apps to Android in less than 7 months, reaching more than 2500 field workers
  • Keeps customer data secure and encrypted
  • Takes advantage of mobile capabilities, like geolocation, multilingual support, payments, and in-app messaging
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“Using Xamarin.Android allowed us to provide MRW with an Android version of the Windows Mobile app in a short time, because C#, .NET, and Visual Studio is the most productive combination of language, platform, and IDE.”

Alberto Silva, R&D Manager, Moving2u (MRW Partner)

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