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Accelerate your mobile strategy with a complete end-to-end mobile solution that covers the entire mobile app delivery lifecycle

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Why Mobile DevOps

The mobile ecosystem is heavily fragmented with thousands of devices, form factors, and operating system versions. Through this, end-users continue to have high expectations that make it challenging to ensure that apps look, perform, and behave as expected. Staying competitive requires embracing this environment through innovation and streamlined DevOps for building, testing, and continuously iterating.

Mobile DevOps Solution

The mobile app delivery lifecycle has multiple stages that cover all aspects of creating and maintaining quality mobile apps from planning and building to testing and monitoring. The Visual Studio and Xamarin Mobile Lifecycle Solution provides the confidence to mobilize your business with access to a world-class, end-to-end lifecycle solution that has tools for every stage of Mobile DevOps. It allows you to:

  • Deliver native, high quality, high performance apps quickly
  • Leverage existing technology investments and code to go mobile
  • Increase efficiency and scalability with 60%-90% code reuse across platforms
  • Find and fix bugs before they affect end users
  • Mobilize on-premises and cloud data
  • Turn development teams into mobile developers virtually overnight

Get started with Mobile Center

Mobile Center is mission control for your mobile apps and provides the services and infrastructure you need to deliver five-star apps. Take advantage of Mobile Center’s continuous integration, automated testing, distribution, and feedback capabilities to bring high-quality cloud powered apps to market quickly and learn what your users need and want to keep them coming back for more.

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Xamarin University

World-class training on your schedule.

Learn how to build iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile apps with live, lab-based classes, and stay up-to-date in today’s constantly evolving mobile landscape. Get your questions answered, review architectures, and remove technical roadblocks with 60+ classes offered through interactive mobile development training led by mobile experts, on your schedule.

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Xamarin for Visual Studio

Deliver more mobile value.

Xamarin for Visual Studio allows developers to provide fast innovation and results by unifying multi-platform mobile requirements with one core codebase and set of skills. Take your existing teams, technology investments (same IDE, language, and APIs), and C# code mobile and deliver consumer-grade experiences ahead of schedule and under budget.

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Microsoft Azure for Mobile Apps

Build engaging mobile apps fast.

With Azure App Service, it’s easy to connect your native Xamarin app to a scalable and secure backend infrastructure complete with mobile optimized services: store app data in the cloud or on-premises, authenticate users, send push notifications, or add your custom backend logic in C# or Node.js.

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Xamarin Test Cloud

Ship high quality apps faster.

Xamarin Test Cloud makes it easy to find bugs before you ship with automated tests running on over 2,000 real devices in our cloud. Access our team of automation experts for help with jumpstarting tests, guidance on best practices, and help with debugging code issues so you can produce high quality apps faster.

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Efficiently monitor and maintain your apps.

HockeyApp is an industry-leading beta distribution and crash reporting platform that allows developers to provide fast support and reliability for users, enabling you to distribute beta versions, collect live crash reports, get feedback from real users, and analyze test coverage to provide the best user experience possible.

Learn about HockeyApp

Visual Studio Team Services

Continuously iterate and improve your apps.

It’s not an IDE, it’s everything else. Visual Studio Team Services provides a set of cloud-powered collaboration tools that work with your existing IDE or editor, so your team can work effectively on software projects of all shapes and sizes.

Learn about Visual Studio Team Services

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Our customers rely on the best practices and expertise we’ve built over the years to provide strategic insight and help them successfully implement their mobile strategies, including setting up strong Mobile Centers of Excellence. Sign up for a complimentary one hour mobile strategy session​ with our leading mobile experts to learn how you can accelerate your mobile strategy.

  • Discuss best practices on engaging users in new ways
  • Understand the types of apps you can build, and when and how to build them
  • Get expert guidance on restructuring your existing architecture for mobile
  • Gain insight into all stages of the enterprise mobile app delivery cycle and what you should be thinking about at each stage

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