Say hello to Xamarin Profiler.

Analyze and polish your C# mobile applications.

Profile your Xamarin apps
Profile your Xamarin apps

The Xamarin Profiler integrates seamlessly with your existing Xamarin toolchain to collect information about your Xamarin apps. Use it to find memory leaks, resolve performance bottlenecks, and add polish to your apps before getting them out the door.

The results that matter.

Gain insights into the managed (C#) part of your mobile code, where native profilers can't help you.

Three key instruments

Allocations for tracking memory, Time Profiler for tracking performance, and Cycle for tracking memory cycles.

Call tree

Browse functions in the order they are called, with the option to invert and separate by threads.


See where your app is spending the most time.

Memory snapshots

See how memory is used at different points in time.

Start profiling your apps.

Profile your apps on OS X
Profile your apps on Windows

Xamarin Profiler features lightweight integration with your favorite IDE. It is available today for Xamarin Studio on Mac and Visual Studio for Windows. It supports profiling Android applications on Mac and Windows, and iOS and Mac on macOS.


Update your Xamarin tools

Xamarin Profiler works with a Visual Studio Enterprise license. It is compatible with Xamarin Studio 5.6 (or higher) and Xamarin for Visual Studio 3.8 (or higher).


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