Build better apps with Visual Studio for Mac.

Type intelligently

World-class code completion unlocks the iOS, Android, and OS X APIs. Quickly look up methods and types, and discover API functionality.

Find bugs quickly

Debug in a simulator or on a device. Set breakpoints, step through code, and watch values change in real-time as your app runs.

Target any platform

Now available in 14 languages, Visual Studio for Mac includes full support for tvOS, Apple WatchKit, Android Wear, and compatibility with Microsoft Band’s C# SDK.

Publish apps with ease

Package and distribute your apps to the App Store and Google Play directly within Visual Studio for Mac.

Visual Studio for Mac

What’s in the box.

Universal Search

Universal Search

Quickly find any file, type, member, command, or NuGet package, all in one convenient place.

Contextual Insights

Contextual Insights

Place your cursor over any member to see type information, a summary description, and more details, helping you explore both new and familiar APIs.

Intelligent Refactoring

Intelligent Refactoring

Restructure and edit your code faster with context-sensitive code analysis and refactoring actions powered by Roslyn, Microsoft’s open source .NET compiler platform.

Version Control

Version Control

Git and Subversion support for diff, log, revert, and other source control operations. Third-party integrations support other popular VCS tools, including Team Foundation Server.

First-Class F# Support

First-class F# Support

Visual Studio for Mac is the perfect F# app builder, shipping with support for syntax highlighting, refactoring, a REPL, mobile project templates, debugger support and more.

Code Navigation

Code Navigation

Use Go to Definition and Find References to navigate around your project with ease. Quickly jump to any part of the current file using the breadcrumb, or visualize structure with the Document Outline.

Over 22,000 NuGet Packages

Over 22,000 NuGet Packages

Visual Studio for Mac features first-class NuGet support. Solutions automatically restore packages, and new ones can be discovered via a sleek package management interface.

Smart Syntax Highlighting

Smart Syntax Highlighting

Even ugly code looks beautiful with Visual Studio for Mac’s semantic highlighting. Easily distinguish language elements, and spot errors before you compile.

Create beautiful native user interfaces
with our iOS and Android designers.

Directly edit storyboards

Double-click a storyboard file to edit it in the IDE. Drag-and-drop controls to build screens, name controls to create fields, and double-click to add handlers without switching to Xcode.

More accurate than Xcode

View controllers and controls are a pixel-perfect representation of screens as they will appear when running on iOS devices.

Live-rendered custom controls

Unlike Xcode’s Interface Builder, the Xamarin iOS Designer renders your custom views just as easily as it renders UIKit controls–live, with custom properties editable in the properties pad.

Never touch a line of XML

Easily create Android screens by dragging controls onto the app builder, and configuring them using the properties pad, without XML.

Design multiple resolutions at once

Preview layouts across multiple screen resolutions and device form factors simultaneously with the Xamarin Android Designer.

Perfect property editing

Quickly configure the appearance, layout, field names, and event handlers for controls and views using a sleek properties pad.

Visual Studio for Mac Community

Free, fully-featured IDE for Mac users to create Android, iOS and Mac apps using Xamarin. Restricted to students, OSS and independent developers.

Free download

Visual Studio for Mac Professional

Professional developer tools and services with all the benefits of Visual Studio for Mac Community plus subscription benefits with no usage restrictions.

Free trial

Visual Studio for Mac Enterprise

End-to-end solution development with all the benefits of Visual Studio for Mac Professional plus testing, monitoring, feedback and subscription benefits.

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